Wall/Roofing Sheets
Seamed/seamless wall panels | 4 sided joint Rock wool sandwich panels | Corrugated roof panels | Photovoltaic roof panels
Jienuo Board Industry has a complete R&D and production system for roof panels and wall panels, and can produce various products according to company requirements. Including but not limited to various types of polyurethane, rock wool, sandwich, color steel, stainless steel and other materials and models.
Cold storage door/industrial door
Cold storage door | PVC anti-collision door | Air-regulated door | High-speed rolling shutter door
Jienuo Board Industry is a cold storage/industrial door manufacturer with completely independent intellectual property rights and integrating R&D and production. It has a complete range of industrial door products, including but not limited to various types of sliding doors, semi/fully buried doors, air-regulated doors, pivot doors, anti-collision doors and high-speed rolling shutters.

Cold storage equipment/services

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